Real time



as a service

zero investment costs


for every factory

Our mission is to enable industry 4.0 solutions for everybody. We offer our production monitoring system for an affordable monthly subscription fee.

Sensors,  IT infrastructure,  knowledge and support provided by us. The system can be fitted on  your existing machinery.

Your data is securely stored in the cloud for years for retrospective analyzing purposes.

Are you aware of what is happinging on your production floor?

Most of our partners says:

"Yes, kind of ..."

Having tried our system, they all know

they need it.

would you like to try it?

just send us a message

  • Hidden correlations revealed.

  • Production effectiveness fluctuation is apparent.

  • Waste production decreases drastically due to

  • immediate alert/interventions.

  • The fact that the production figures are displayed

  • next to the production line can increase

  • the productivity by almost 5%.

Collaborative robots

Automating manual steps in production.

No protective fencing -

they can work together wit humans

What can be used for? A couple of examples:




gluing, dispensing and welding

machine tending

screw driving

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